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Monday, June 7, 2010

Kent Springs, Madera Canyon

We have both hiked this trail in the wonderful Madera Canyon which is located in the Santa Rita Mountain range an hour south of Downtown Tucson. Madera Canyon is known for many things but today we'll concentrate on the Kent Springs Trail.
The trail starts off at the Madera Trail Head and Picnic Area, elevation 4850ft. Off to the left of the parking area you'll see the new sign that maps the trail. It's always best to take a map with you, they are provided free of charge.
The complete loop is just under six miles and is designated a "C" trail: Moderate. Approximately one mile into the hike and off to the left you'll find the trail head for Bog Springs, take this trail and hike for another three quarters of a mile and you will come to Bog Springs, elevation 5900ft, a nice resting area. After leaving Bog Springs, you'll travel back to the main trail and turn left back onto the Kent Springs Trail. This part does get a bit steep but contains some spectacular views of the Green Valley area. Continue on 1.2 miles to Kent Springs and enjoy a break within the ferns and trees. If it's the right time of year, you'll even enjoy a strong running creek created by the snow melt.
After you leave the area you'll be traveling downhill along an old jeep road another 2.9 miles to the parking area where you started.
Even though the hike starts at an elevation of 4850ft it does get warm so please take plenty of water. Pictures of the area are posted.


  1. What beautiful pictures! One day I will make to Kent Springs! A few more hikes and I will get there, next year I want to make it up so I can see the snow, I was so jealous when I missed it this year...where are we going next?!