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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jack Johnson, To the Sea

Jack Johnson's newest release may be his best since his first endeavour, "Brushfire Fairytales".  Jack and his mates continue to incorporate different instruments such as a glockenspiel to create the free flowing surf feel that his music is known for but we also hear quite a bit of electric guitar that wasn't prevalent in his earlier works.  As he does so well with his lyrics Jack relays a message of life, love and environmental responsibility. As you listen to the music you can't help but wonder what the true meaning of some of the lyrics are. Listen to "No Good with Faces" and you realize that he is most likely trying to get everyone to come out of their shells, be themselves and stop trying to be like everyone else or on the song "From the Clouds" you come to understand that he's singing of the rain that could diminish as the world ages and populations expand.
Take some time to listen to the music Jack Johnson creates and find your own meaning to his songs, you won't be disappointed.
The first single off the release is "You and Your Heart" and is most likely playing on a radio station near you.

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