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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birch Aquarium- La Jolla CA

If you're a fan of nature, water or the environment you need to add this aquarium to your list of places to visit. The Birch Aquarium is a part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla California and they have featured a public aquarium since 1905.

It's more like a house of aquariums with education tidbits on both the sea life and the worlds habitat. Some of the exhibits today are "There's Something About Seahorses", you'll be amazed at what you see at this exhibit. So many seahorses, most you have probably never seen before.

Other exhibits like the 13,000 gallon "Shark Reef" and "Hall of Fishes" really send the visitor the into the deep unknown. You will also see multiple displays of live Jellyfish. it is just amazing how they swim and dance .

The aquarium houses people friendly tide pools where the visitors can reach out and touch those things unknown. So reach out to the sea urchins, sea cucumbers and many species of starfish.

And at certain times at the aquarium you can catch feeding time. Have you ever seen a shark eat? Make sure to check their online feeding schedule for days and times.
The Birch Aquarium contains more than 5,000 specimens and over 300 different species of sea life. Go to La  Jolla and be one of the 400,000 annual visitors to the Birch Aquarium. You'll be amazed!

Vist their website for more information.

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