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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4th Avenue Winter Street Fair- Tucson AZ

Another exciting Tucson event has come and gone. The 2011 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair was held on December 9th, 10th and 11th. And like the others before it, this street fair was well attended by both visitors and those selling products and services.

Food, food and more food. Not only can you take in street food like burgers, sausages, turkey legs and roasted corn but you can also visit one of the many restaurants or bars in the area.  One of the longest lines each year is of those waiting for tri-tip sandwiches or roasts. Twenty people or more wait patiently for the tri-tip at this stand. The roast, which is dry rubbed and placed on top of hot fire cooks slowly while the aroma fills the air around the fair.

The 4th Avenue Merchants Association does a terrific job gathering a host of different vendors selling food, crafts and jewelry as well as noted area and out of area artists.
If you’re in Tucson during December this is a must visit event. If you can’t make it in December, then try March for the spring version of the street fair.

For a list of restaurants, bars and events held on 4th Avenue visit their website.

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