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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Audubon Insectarium- Visited October 2009

The Insectarium located on Canal Street in New Orleans is a terrific place to visit when your in town. You will be intrigued with the thousands of live and preserved specimens. The Insectarium has thirteen different rooms with 70 live animal enclosures and 30 mounted specimen cases. In different rooms you feel as if you are actually underground living where the bugs live! Many rooms are interactive as well, dare to place your hand in the dark holes and wait for the surprise? Don't worry nothing bites. During your visit you will also get to enjoy a Japanese garden with over 100 species of butterfly's, simply amazing.
Don't forget to visit the Termite Cafe where you get to enjoy free sample of salsa and cookies with meal worms and more, we did!
To learn more visit their web-site;

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  1. This place is a must visit on your next trip to New Orleans! We had seen it on one of the network tv shows and had to check it out! Lots of great visual and even some tasty items! Don't be a chicken and not try the homemade snacks! Live a little!