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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YC's Mongolian Grill

Dinner with Mum today, YC's was the place to be. For $10 you get 3 meals, or one if you're really hungry, you cannot beat that. If you haven't experienced a restaurant like this, here is the lowdown.

Step 1: Pick your meat, you can select from my favorite beef, or go with chicken, pork, and during dinner you can have fish. Don't go light here, the meat will shrink as it cooks. I recommend using the tissue paper provided to let out some aggression on this bowl of meat. You will do that by smashing the meat down into the bowl as much as you can.

Step 2: Load up on veggies and noodles,even if you don't like veggies them put them in. They provide vibrant color and different textures.

Step 3: Finally, top it off with sauces and oils to flavor it however you would like. You can use their pre-made recipes or re-live your high-school chemistry days without all the safety risks.

For a $10 dinner, you cannot go wrong here. You more than likely will not finish it all in one sitting which will leave you with leftovers for tomorrow's lunch or dinner. Did I mention that dinner includes frozen yogurt?

You can find all of their locations in the Phoenix Metro Area here


  1. This place was sooooo yummy! I can't wait to find a place like it in Tucson!

  2. OK, I'm sold, I need to go there but am moving to Poway, CA. Is this the only one???!!!

  3. Sorry jbrian, the YC is only located in the Phoenix area. If you find a great place in Poway let us know.