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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Steak in the Neighborhood, Tucson

A Steak in the Neighborhood…
What a wonderful place sitting smack dab in the heart of Tucson. We found this little gem while we were hanging out downtown one night after an event. We wanted something inexpensive so with the word “steak” in the name we were a little apprehensive at first. One look at the menu displayed in the window changed our minds and we now have a fine little eatery to visit.
After being seated and ordering our drinks, one beer and one water, we reviewed the menu a bit more and decided on two different entrees: Filet Stroganoff and Oriental Broccoli Filet.
The Filet Stroganoff was prepared with medallions of filet mignon, bowtie pasta, mushrooms and a very nice cabernet sauce. The plate included a side of seasonal veggies, this week, carrots and brussels sprout.  That’s right brussels sprout and they were delectable.
Our other entree was the Oriental Broccoli Filet prepared with; medallions of filet mignon, broccoli and mushrooms all seasoned nicely and served on a plate of brown rice. The side for this plate was a tad different and refreshing: sliced apple, raspberries, strawberries and grapes with a side of feta cream sauce.
In all, the place had a great vibe with an upscale feel, the seating was comfortable and the menu diverse.  It was busy which was good to see and in the end inexpensive; $39 (not including tip) for the two of us.
If you’re in the downtown area for lunch or dinner check it out.

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