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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Body Shop Massage & Day Spa - Chandler Arizona

 A “Suggest America” Guest Review by Becky Townsend

When I think of “SPA”, I tend to think of dollar signs and a snotty atmosphere. Well… you will not find any of those at The Body Shop Massage & Day Spa located at 845 E. Warner Road in Chandler, Arizona.

I encountered this little gem when I was given a gift certificate as a gift and a fabulous gift it was.  I walked through the doors of this great get away and the décor was a beautiful eclectic collection of displays showcasing beautiful items for sale. You could choose from handbags, jewelry, perfumes, bodyworks and skincare products.

I signed in at the front desk and was promptly offered something to drink and even a snack of cheese and crackers. Once finished with my delightful snack, I proceeded through the spa doors and was treated to a fantastic facial, marvelous massage and pedicure, all of which included Hot Stone Therapy.

The Body Shop offers many services, which include massage, skin care, pedicure, body treatments, infrared sauna therapy (many health benefits) and even hypnosis. With titles that include Refresh, Relax, Revitalize, and Rebalance you can’t go wrong with one of their preplanned Spa Packages either. They even offer eyelash extensions for those of you who are tired of putting on mascara and using painful eyelash curlers every morning!
I will definitely return to sample the many services that they offer, especially the infrared sauna therapy.
Enough reading about this fabulous place, pick up the phone or hit the Internet and check them out!

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