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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baggins Gourmet Sandwiches- Tucson AZ

I frequent Baggins when my desire for a sandwich stretches beyond the plain meat and bread.  I have tried many of their sandwiches like the Hopi Chicken, Sundown Baggins and the Prime Baggins but have recently became fond of something simpler, the Baggins Veggie with Cheese. While the other sandwiches boast of items such as seasoned prime rib, chicken with Tarragon or turkey with herb stuffing, that’s correct stuffing on a sandwich! The veggie is more simplistic yet full of flavor. Nestled between two slices of 12-grain bread is cream cheese, sliced cucumbers, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce, red onion (I leave this off my order) and avocado.
The sandwich is so good that a meat-loving acquaintance of mine recently tried one and loved it.
Baggins has eight locations scattered about Tucson and have been voted as Tucson’s best sandwich shop multiple times. Each location is as busy as the next one but the shops are staffed accordingly, which makes for a pleasant no wait experience.
Baggins does have a full menu of hot and cold sandwiches, salads and deserts and by the way, each order comes with a chocolate cookie. Yum! Baggins will even cater your next office lunch or special event.
If you live in Tucson or are just traveling through, give them a try.

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