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Friday, March 9, 2012

Weber Grill Restaurant- Indianapolis IN

I spent a few days in Indianapolis recently and happened upon the Weber Grill Restaurant. Since I enjoy outdoor grilling so much I figured this would be a great dinners spot to try. The place was busy so I decided to take a seat at Smokey Joe’s Bar, order a drink and checkout the menu.

The restaurant is large with plenty of seating and the bar sits off to the side in a large u-shape. There is a TV or two but the volume is kept down so you’re not bothered. The bar has a very extensive wine selection and a variety of top-shelf spirits as well as draft and bottled beers. A mix of the ordinary selections and some locally brewed ones too.
At first, my instincts are telling me that steak should be the choice since I am eating from a Weber grill. These steaks are from the Midwest, come from corn feed Black Angus and are aged for 28 days. As I read more of the menu I became intrigued by the burgers. The Wisconsin Kettle Burger, the Martini Kettle Burger with its pimento olive tapenade. Both ½lb and grilled with other ingredients. Going back and forth between the steaks and the burgers I came across their Black Angus Meatloaf, char-grilled with Weber’s Hickory BBQ sauce. That’s was it, decision made. Meatloaf was my order.

My meatloaf dinner arrived and wow was the only thing I could mutter. The rather large helping of meatloaf surprised me. Three thick slices, all with grill marks. The order comes with a side of BBQ beans and I selected cornbread as my other side.  The meatloaf was tender; well cooked with a slightly sweet glaze of BBQ sauce drizzled on top. The grilling adds another layer of flavor that you won’t get in other restaurants. The beans had plenty of flavors of their own and the cornbread was spot-on too.
This place understands the techniques of grilling!

Weber Grill Restaurants are located in Illinois and Indiana and are well worthy of a visit if you’re in the area. 
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