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Monday, September 13, 2010

Salsa Brava, Flagstaff AZ

If you didn’t think that you could get great Mexican food in Flagstaff AZ, think again.
Salsa Brava, located on Route 66 and Fourth Street has been happily feeding people for the past twenty-five years. The restaurant and catering service has won numerous awards for their salsas and have been recognized nationally for their food.
We stopped in for an early dinner and decided to sit in the cantina rather than the busier restaurant dining spot.  Our wait staff immediately greeted us and as she put down a large basket of fresh tortilla chips she informed us of the different handmade salsas available at the salsa bar: mild in the middle and hotter as you move closer to the ends. The salsa bar contained a mild red, a spicier yet tame tomatillo with a little sweetness, a hotter red and finally a smoked habanero with pineapple. We tried them all before dinner. It was difficult to pick a favorite!
For our dinner selections we chose the Tamale combo plate with smoked chicken breast tamale, smoked chicken breast tostada and a cheese enchilada: Stuffed Sopapilla, a large handmade fry-bread with smoked chicken and our other guest chose a fabulous looking beef chimichanga with green sauce and all of the sides.
Each dish was prepared to perfection and the flavor would be difficult to duplicate elsewhere.
Hats off to this little local eatery!


  1. Looks delicious. Sandy and I will have to give it a try when we go to Flagstaff on our next day-trip.

  2. Looks yummy! That's about the only part of your trip I wish I'd been there to sample!

  3. Have eaten at Salza Brava for many years, the best in Mexican Food in Arizona.....