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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blues City Cafe

I am really sorry everyone that there has not been a post in weeks! I just got back from a visit to Memphis, however the trip was work related and time for food and fun was scarce.

After the three hour flight from Phoenix to Memphis my stomach was literally yelling at me to feed him. I would by no means keep Mr. Stomach from the delicious delectables that were located in the city of Blues and Rock & Roll. Immediately after checking in at the hotel, I dropped off my bag, and headed straight down to Beale St. which was just a hop, skip, and jump away.

Several restaurants, pubs, and gift-shops lined the entire street. Each one had an individual outside trying to lure the lost, wandering tourist, into their domain. After several polite turn-downs, including the famous BB Kings, I settled for the cafe on the corner, aptly named "Blues City Cafe".

Their menu was traditional southern dining with all the fried food you want, but I didn't fly 1600 miles for catfish thrown into a fryer. No, I wanted something different. I have been looking forward to good ol' Memphis BBQ the whole trip, but I decided not get it here since I had dinner plans at another local haunt. After looking over the menu I had a very hard choice deciding between the au gratin seafood dip, gumbo, and  the mushrooms stuffed with shrimp and crab meat.

In the end I opted for the au gratin seafood dip and was very pleased with my decision. I expected a delicious sandwich arriving at my table with au gratin, however I was surprised to see a plate of homemade croutons surrounding a ramekin full of seafood heaven. One after another...the croutons and dip disappeared. Bite by bite, I thought to myself this is the best damn dip I have ever had.

If you are traveling to Memphis and are looking for a relaxing place with amazing food, hit "Blues City Cafe".

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